Pure Pour never leaks or rusts and comes with a cover.

8 Reasons You're Looking For Better Pour Spouts

There are countless reasons you are looking for a better pour spout. These are the top 8.

1. Yours leak. You have fallen out of love with your current liquor pour spouts, for many reasons, but your most frustrating, is the leak. Every time your bartender tips a bottle toward the glass you get a second stream, UGH!, and that stream goes directly into your bar mat. This stream costs you money, and if you don't have the right team, they don't give a sh*t, and that is costing a lot of moola. It estimated that 1 to 1.5 ounces is lost per bottle from a leaky spout. That's almost one drink.

2. Rust. Your current pour spouts are rusty. The bad news is you just bought them 3 months ago. They may be working ok, but they look like crap, and could possibly be a health hazard. With all the liquid constantly being poured, your humid climate (some of you), the cleaning of the bar, etc. Those metal ones rust, and fast.

3. Covers. Your need a cover. And we are not talking about the ugly cone paper cups. Your bar isn't a 70's SNL bit about pointy-headed aliens. You want your bar to look good, open or closed, and cone cups look terrible. It would also be nice to just leave the back bar bottles covered to guard against fruit flies and other vermin, and they should still look good. You need pours spouts with caps.

4. Injury. Staff keeps getting injured. It hasn't happened a lot, but the last injury got the entire staff in the weeds and you were down a bartender that night because the metal spout cut the service bartenders hand so badly she had to get stitches. 

5. Protection. A buffer is needed. The bar is so busy, bottles are constantly clanging and banging into each other. It would be great if there was something softer on the top of your pour spouts for bottles that created a cushion, so you don't break full bottles of booze.

6. Grip. It would be nice if your pour spout for alcohol doubled as a grip. If they just stuck out a couple of millimeters from the bottle that would do it. This would give a better hold on full, slippery or passed bottles.

7. Longevity. The bar needs a pour spout for liquor that lasts longer. Your current ones rust, come apart and break. One that lasted 3 times longer would be fantastic. And if they did come apart should be easily put back together and still function as they did when new.

8. Flexibility. Spouts should fit most bottles. A spout with a rubber, flexible outside that couples over the exterior of the bottle solves so many issues. Especially if the can be massaged over the larger bottles and still fit the smaller one.

If these are issues you've dealt with you need the best pour spout, Pure Pour. They never leak, will not rust, come with a cover, won't injure your staff, protects bottles from breakage, functions as a grip, last 3 times longer and is flexible and will fit most bottles. And there is no need for pour spouts near me, we ship free and direct. Your search is over, so forget about googling: Pour spout Amazon, Pour spout Walmart, Pour spout Target and Pour spout Total Wine, it's all a waste of time. Buy them direct and save.

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