Decrease Liquor Cost with Pure Pour. The new industry standard for pour spouts.
Decrease liquor cost with


The New Industry Standard
This is


Why Choose Pure Pour
  • Made in the USA

    Pure Pour is proudly designed and made in the USA, allowing for the highest quality product.


    Fits securely and does not leak at all allowing bartenders to pour more smoothly and accurately.


    Perfect for keeping waste low and replacement costs down at bars, coffee shops, kitchens and more.

  • Veteran Owned

    Designed by a US Air Force veteran & restaurant professional with over 30 years in the industry.

  • guarantee

    As always we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all Pure Pour Products


8 out of 10 owners

who switched to Pure Pour saw a 1-3 point reduction in liquor cost.


See What The Professionals Are Saying


The bartenders loved it, so we had to have them."

"This is amazing, finally someone who understands this business.

Deniz Suuctugu
Beverage Director JW Marriott

By changing our pour spouts to the Pure Pour.

We’ve have increased bar profits by over 1 million.

Todd Herbst
Owner Big Time Restaurant Group

The Pure Pour is the preferred pour spout for Universal Orlando..

The staff and guests love them.

KJ Nard
General Manager Operations Universal Orlando Resort

This one is perfect! It fits on this particular bottle great. No leaks. Doesn't fall off. Huge plus! Easily washable and removable. IMO, well worth the money. I may buy backups soon for other bottles, like my lemon and lime juices.


The absolute best! Rose’s grenadine and lime bottles are always leaking, so I bought this set specifically for those, and it works perfectly! I bartend and have been using them on the bottles for 3-4 weeks now without any issues.

Sarah W.

This product is perfect for the different bottles of oil. Keeps the oil fresh and free of debris entering the bottles. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Would make an excellent gift for the serious cook in your family!

Phillip S.

LOVE these pourers. Previously had some that leaked every time we used them, but we have no problems with these. They fit securely around the top of the bottles and pour very easily without leaking.

Cassie F.

We saw a decrease in our bar cost from 20.9% in May to 18.5% and has stayed at this level, great job guys.

John Cooke
CFO Big Time Restaurant Group