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The Pure Pour

Pure Wine Pump and 3 Plugs

Pure Wine Pump and 3 Plugs

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Improve your wine drinking experience with the Pure Wine Pump and 3 Plugs. This efficient set includes a wine pump to remove air from your opened bottle to reduce oxidation and a wine stopper to create a tight seal, preserving the amazing taste of your wine for days. Enjoy the best of your wines for longer!

  • Practical bottle stoppers: these resealable black wine pump vacuum stoppers are designed for wine vacuum pumps (pumps are not included), which together with vacuum pumps can easily remove air from bottles, so that wine can be stored longer and kept fresh
  • Applicable occasions: these reusable wine saver vacuum stoppers are not only suitable for daily use at home, but also for restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars or shopping malls; Sufficient quantities can meet your needs at one time
  • Easy to use: you need to insert the wine stopper into the bottle mouth and vacuum pump, to remove the air from the bottle until you hear a click, which indicates that the bottle has been successfully sealed and easy to use, saving you more time
  • Strong adaptability: these black vacuum wine stoppers are of general size, which are almost suitable for most wine bottles, such as red wine and white wine, etc.; They are practical daily life helpers without worrying about model mismatch
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