5 Ways Bars Can Make More Money

5 Ways Bars Can Make More Money

Here Are Five Ways Bars Can Make More Money

1) Use fruit juices and house-made syrups instead of buying mixers for making drinks. They will be more flavorful and have a better story behind them and you'll save big on your ingredients. Besides, who doesn't love to hear the staff bitch and moan about making ingredients for specialty cocktails.

2) Invest in a good quality pour spout so you don't lose any product and can be extremely precise. If you're using janky pour spouts, you're f#@&ed. Invest in one that never leaks, never rusts and comes with a cover to keep all the critters out. Pure Pour is a good start.

3). Create drink specials that will be affordable but also try new ideas like adding an umbrella stuffed into sugar cubes. Who wouldn't want an umbrella stuffed sugar cube... UH! Me. Ah, but I digress. Seriously, look at your liquor inventory, what's sitting around? Talk to your staff have them come up with a drink that uses stock that's not being used. Or talk to your liquor rep, see what they're pimpin', they always have a blow out on something. Buy it and use it on a special.

4 ). Think outside traditional glassware. Go to the dollar store and buy those cool tiki glasses or the ball jars and theme a cocktail around them. Give them the glass if they buy two, three, eight. Think outside the box and get creative.

5), Get creative by using garnishes such as those decorative cucumbers wrapped around cocktail sticks, or carve an elaborate bird scape out of ice cubes and oranges. HAHAHAHA! Ok just making sure everyone is paying attention. Use cukes, pineapples and strawberries, the ladies love them and your less masculine friends will adore having a fruit cocktail with their craft cocktail.

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