Top 5 Reasons Your Bar Loses Money

Top 5 Reasons Your Bar Loses Money

If you're a bar owner, then you know that making money from liquor sales is essential to your business. But what if your bar is losing money on liquor? What could be causing this? In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why bars lose money on liquor sales. We'll also provide some tips on how to fix these problems and start making more money from your alcohol sales.

Reason #1: Spillage

One of the main reasons why bars lose money on liquor sales is because of spillage. This occurs when drinks are spilled either on the bar mat or on the customer. In order to prevent spillage, you need to make sure that your bartenders are properly trained and that they're using the right pour spouts. Now in saying that make sure you have proper working pour spouts. Make sure they fit properly, are in good working order, clean and rust free. No one wants a drink made with a nasty, rank pour spout. Also, Make sure your bartender is following the drink recipes and proper pour mearsures per drink, this is key.

Reason #2 Making the Wrong Drink

Making the wrong drink is another reason your losing money. This can occur when a bartender is confused about the recipe for a drink or when they make a cocktail the guest did'nt order. To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that your bartenders are properly trained on all recipes and that they're familiar with all of your drinks. Listening to the patron is also very important in helping reduce this problem.

Reason #3 Clean Organized Bar

This goes without saying. A clean organized bar will make your customers feel more comfortable and will make it easier for your bartenders to work. A bartender should know where all the bottles are so he or she can complete the drink quickly. Their bar tools should be easily accessible as well.

Reason #4 Poor Service

If you want your bar to be successful, you need to provide good service. This means being friendly and accommodating to your customers needs. Bartenders should be focused on guests and not their phones or chatting with coworkers.

Reason #5 Lack of Training

Bartenders need to be properly trained as emphasised earlier. Personality is a great trait, but not knowing how to properly attend to your guest needs is just as important. Knowing the drinks your business sells and the knowledge to pair them with menu items will increase profit. The use of a pour count is crucial to reducing waste, especially if you are not using a jigger, but thats for another blog post. Testing on pour counts should be checked regularly.

In conclusion, if you're looking to make your bar more profitable focus on the service aspect. This will help reduce spillage and increase liquor sales. Pour spouts are an inexpensive way to help control liquor waste and improve profit.

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